The Truth Crusade is now open to reviewing Christian Books via.

One of the essential matters in becoming an author is, naturally, obtaining reviews. When I researched this topic, I learned about an interesting site called One of the very cool features of the fiveabook platform is that new authors are able to exchange reviews for the ability to promote their book and obtain their own reviews. This creates a sort of mutual, or symbiotic relationship. It is very beneficial to those of us who are just getting started in writing books; it is exceedingly challenging to convince readers to go through the extra effort of returning to an amazon page and leaving a review. And naturally, a lot of readers do judge a book not only by its cover, but by its reviews; a lack thereof will put many off from reading the work. Consequently, I opted to participate in this program. It made sense to me and ideally, it will allow me to gain access to other Christian authors and their work and potentially network with them regarding a mutual interest in apologetics, and I am more than happy to give a worthy book a good and fair review.

For those familiar, you can post comments or contact me via. the usual channels if you are interested in having me go through your book, and I should get back to you. We are particularly interested in reading Christian non-fiction and history books.

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