Murdering Black People in the Name of Charles Darwin: A Shameful History of the West

"All of our obedience and patience with the Germans is of little avail, for each day they shoot someone dead for no reason at all." - Hendrik Witbooi

Massive piles of human skulls, African women forced to remove the brains and scalp from the decapitated heads of their own husbands and sons, the unearthing of ancient ancestral gravesites in efforts to search for missing links proving the African race to be an inferior path of evolutionary development to the modern "white man." All these were horrors and more were experienced by the African tribes of the Herero and Nama peoples, and also the aboriginals of Australia in a horrific holocaust which occurred in the early twentieth century that was largely ignored and hidden from the public view in efforts to protect the Darwinian theories that inspired them from scorn.

In a YouTube video titled, "The Holocaust before the Holocaust," Creation Ministries described a plethora of books that were written on this topic which never made an appearance in our common curriculum: "Germany's Genocide of the Herero" by Jeremy Sarkin, "Germany's Black Holocaust" by Firpo W. Carr, "The Kaiser's Holocaust" by David Olusoga and Casper W. Erichsen, "Herero Heroes" by Jan-Bart Gewald, "Colonial Genocide and Reparations Claims in the 21st Century" also by Jeremy Sarkin. Even after death, the voices of the deceased African victims are crying out for a reformation of our education system with a view to ideological theories and concepts of human origin narratives.

In 1859, Charles Darwin published his famed "On the Origin of Species," which contained the alternative name, "The Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life" and "The Descent of Man" in 1871. The production and aftermath of these two works saw great changes in the behavior of the Western nations towards the African people(and also other people groups), and most particularly Germany above others. This was alongside the pressures of an increasingly aggressive movement of Social Atheism best represented in the works not only Charles Darwin but also Charles Lyell, Karl Marx and Engels, Sigmund Freud, and Julius Wellhausen. Cultures that formerly preached "The meek will inherit the earth" now espoused the opposite: "Survival of the fittest." No longer was all humanity of one blood, "all descended from the Biblical pair Adam and Eve created by God, one human race with a variety of appearances" but rather the narrative was changed; humans coming from monkeys apart from the intervention of an intelligent God with different evolutionary paths, some being superior and worthy of continuity for the sake of evolutionary development - others are seen to be the proverbial "vestigial organ" ready fall off, and the "more evolved white man" was happy to expedite the process with guns, blades, and whips.

Frequently citing that video mentioned earlier, I wrote of this in my book, "Observational Commentaries on Social Atheism, Volume 1":

"That Herero Tribe- they were the African inhabitants of the, then, Namibia who, along with the Nama, was certainly subjected to brutal mass murders. It is probable, in addition, that other African tribes near that locale were also mutilated that we have not yet heard about in the public eye. African "black-skinned" groups were massacred and subjected to gruesome horrors, all on the justification of one belief system consistently during 1904-1908, just a few short years before World War 2. On a first note as pertains the topic of racism, for certain, racism as a concept existed before Darwinism, especially traceable to general prejudice of human differences, feelings invoked by fear of what they do not understand, and at other times the opposite, an overly quick assumption that they do understand the other people group with minimal research, and provocations made by aggressive behaviors such as war, and possibly self-serving ancient world philosophies with different classification systems for humans... so this not at all to say racism did not exist before Darwin, nor horrors such as are described herein. However, it can certainly be said with confidence that Darwinian beliefs amplified racism (through Social Darwinism) by many multiples of intensity. " 1 2

Before "Origin of Species" was produced, Germany was treating Africans better.

"In times before Germany became enamored with Darwin's terms, it was actively sending missionaries to South Africa to work there, and experienced significant success in evangelizing and educating the people they met." 3 "A great portion of them held mutual respect, in accord with the Biblical construct of all men as equals, and fellow descendants of the same man- the white man who was educated in Bible literature was able to speak to the black man as an equal, without shame, and to readily aid and strengthen in accord with the chastity and generosity commanded by Christ as fellow children of Noah, and of Adam of the Bible- in the 1820' s, this was the case with a good portion of the missionaries from Germany working in Africa. (Much, not all.) However, towards the end of the nineteenth century, things changed. Remember, Charles Darwin's book, "On the origin of species" was published after this, in 1859. That leaves about 45 years from Darwin's book to the events undertaken in Namibia. " 4

Germany of the post-Darwinian era was very different. One native of the land reported:

"The real cause of bitterness among the Herero toward the Germans is without question the fact that the average German looks down upon the natives as being about the same level as the higher primates ('baboon' being their favorite term for the natives) and treats them like animals. The settler holds that the native (Herero) has a right to exist only in so far as he is useful to the white man. It follows that the whites value their horses and even their oxen more than they value the natives." 5

The use of this type of language towards the African man was not uncharacteristic of Darwin and his associates at all. Charles Darwin's terminology is best understood through a comparative study with those of his inmost circle, Thomas Huxley (nicknamed "Darwin's bulldog") and Ernst Haeckel (nicknamed "Darwin's Doberman").

Charles Darwin wrote of the African people:

"At some future period, not very distant as measured by centuries, the civilized races of man [white man] will almost certainly exterminate and replace the savage races throughout the world. At the same time, the anthropomorphous apes [that is the ones which allegedly look like humans] will no doubt be exterminated." 6

Though Darwin did not directly mention the African peoples, all knew that this what he was implying by the terms because his closest friends who were most immersed in his teaching used this language with direct reference to them.

Demonstrating Darwin's racist ideology, Thomas Huxley, "Darwin's Bulldog," said: "No rational man, cognizant of the facts, believes that the average negro is the equal, still less the superior, of the white man." 7

Ernst Haeckel, "Darwin's Doberman," said: "All these five [speaking of an earlier classification than Haeckel's own] races of men, according to the Jewish legend of creation, are said to have descended from 'a single pair' – Adam, and Eve, and in accordance with this are said to be varieties of one kind or species. [Of human being- all the same.] "

"The excellent paleontologist Quenstedt is right in maintaining (in opposition to the teaching of the Bible) that, "If Negroes and Caucasians were snails, zoologists would universally agree that they represented two very distinct species, which could never have originated from one pair by gradual divergence. " 8

In his book, "The history of creation," Haeckel wrote: "Thus, for example, a great English traveler, who lived for a considerable time on the West Coast of Africa, says: "I consider the Negro to be a lower species of man, and cannot make up my mind to look upon him as "a man and a brother," for the gorilla would then also have to be admitted to the family." 9

I wrote in my book "Observational Commentaries on Social Atheism, Volume 1":

"The treatment of the Herero people of Africa was thus: Their land and cattle and livelihood were seized for no reason at all and without prior warning, Herero people were shot for no reason at all, Herero women and girls, and possibly at points boys also, were sexually abused and raped. Because of the high interest in evolutionary theory in "missing links," the Darwinian Germans dug up the graves of the Herero ancestors and stole their skulls and bones for scientific study, and consequently used their bones as well as the bones of the newer generation of Herero they slaughtered to support and evidence their racist evolutionary beliefs. " 10

Creation Ministries commented in their video, which I mentioned earlier:

"Of course, the Herero, enduring so much evil and abuse, tried to fight back – although the Herero Christians tried to make peace and negotiate. " 11

One native of the land, Hendrik Witbooi, said: "All of our obedience and patience with the Germans is of little avail, for each day they shoot someone dead for no reason at all." 12

Consequently, using the retaliation as a pretext for justification, the Germans dispatched General Lothar Von Trotha to liquidate the resistance of the Herero people in 1904.

Lothar Von Trotha, explaining himself, wrote:

"I destroy the African tribes with streams of blood, and streams of money. Only following this cleansing can something new emerge, which will remain." "At the outset, we cannot do without the natives [i.e., hard labor slaves]. But they finally have to melt away. Where the climate allows the white man to work, philanthropic views cannot banish Darwin's law, 'survival of the fittest ". 13

Creation Ministries commented:

"Lothar Von Trotha moved in with his troops and did not spare the native women, or the children. The German colonial rule successfully annihilated 75% of the Herero – before the war, there were 80 000 plus Herero people, but after the war only 20, 000 remained – and the Nama people, a southern tribe that entered the war almost a year later due to similar circumstances with the colonizers, were also reduced by 50%." 14

In my book, I quoted from Creation Ministries:

"Creation Ministries, in the video “The holocaust before the holocaust,” describes: “Before the skulls were sent off and sold to German universities, the female prisoners were made to do all the horrendous preparatory work. In the book, “The angel of death has descended violently among them” it is described this way: “In Swakopmund, female prisoners were forced to boil the severed heads of concentration camp inmates and then scrape them to the bone with shards of glass. The result of their horrific labor is seen in this German postcard from the GSWA. “ (It included a picture of the postcard which included a photo of Germans with a collection of the inmates’ skulls).

Therefore, I wrote in the same:

"The connection is clear and undeniable. Social Darwinism. African people dehumanized. "Survival of the Fittest" as a philosophical presupposition; Massacre falsely justified, mass murder, rape, and human experimentation occur. As Lothar Von Trotha put it, "Darwin's Law- Survival of the Fittest," The direct result of usurpation of God's moral law in the Bible, and a replacement with this "Darwin's Law was the key feature that fostered such acts of brutality. 15

Continuing from a quotation of the book which paraphrased the Creation Ministries commentary:

"Sadly, the horror was far from over. After 75% of the Herero were wiped out, and 50% of the Nama, the rest were taken captive and sent to concentration camps and died to abuse, hard labor, or "liquidation of the unprofitable slaves," except for a very small minority that managed to escape. A fair portion of the survivors were experimented on just like what occurred in the Nazi Holocaust of European Jewry- strange and perverse sexual experiments, injections of randomized chemical and bio-substances, forced consumption of strange matters were parts of racial studies perpetrated in an attempt to prove the inferiority of the black peoples, the Germans claiming they had less intelligence, etc." 16 17

Indeed, it does very much seem that what the African people suffered was a type of test-run for the holocaust of European Jews and various other people groups. Germany was a repeat offender, but the constant quotations of justifications were always the literature of Darwin, and this can be clearly demonstrated.

Quoting from the Creation Ministries video, my book, and also a document written by the CSU:

"In a German Nazi propaganda film, called "Victims of the past," it declares: "All weak things will inevitably perish in nature. In the last few decades, mankind has sinned frightfully against the law of natural selection. We haven't just maintained life unworthy of life, we have even allowed it to multiply!" [reproduce] 18

And of course, the evolutionist typically does not differentiate between Natural Selection and Evolution very well, and far less of the evolutionary culture of the earlier half of the twentieth century. For certain, to Hitler and the like, "Natural Selection" in that day was an interchangeable term with "Evolution" because they saw natural selection as the prime mechanism for evolution.

I drew from numerous documents in one portion of my book:

"Adolf Hitler himself was quoted in a 1927 speech, declaring openly to a group of pacifists: "You are the product of this struggle. If your ancestors had not fought, today, you would be an animal. They did not gain their rights through peaceful debates with wild animals, and later perhaps also with humans, through the comparative adjustment of relations by a pacifist court of arbitration, but rather the earth has been acquired on the basis of the stronger." 19 [Development of humans from animals + survival of the fittest paraphrased to "basis of the stronger." This is Darwinian Evolution. This is Darwinian Hitler, in Darwinian Germany.] Though it is true that later, Hitler did appear to express some doubts about some concepts of evolution in 1942, he did also affirm himself to still be a believer in it- In February 1942, Hitler stated about men shaving their beards: "nothing but the continuation of an evolution that has been proceeding for millions of years: Gradually humans lost their hair." Also, prior, in 1937, Hitler said: "When we know today that the evolution of millions of years, compressed into a few decades, repeats itself in every individual, then this art, we realize, is "not modern." It is on the contrary to the highest degree, 'archaic,' far older probably than the Stone Age." [This was at the dedication of the House of German Art at Munich] 20 The one time when Hitler expressed some doubt in the concept of evolution was January 1942... (perhaps he began to see some of the humanity somewhat in his mass murder victims), but it is very clear that the February 1942 quote supersedes it- though Hitler may have had some doubts (That would be expected from someone watching Jews and Africans begging for their life with tears so often), he calloused his heart and held to the concept of Darwinian Evolution to the very bitter end, and justified war and mass murder and horrendous acts in the name of it, and by conformity to a pattern laid out by no others than Charles Darwin, Thomas Huxley and Ernst Haeckel themselves. Yes, Hitler was a believer in Darwinian Evolution, and it was his foremost inspiration for all that he achieved. Yes, the Nazi holocaust factually was inspired and birthed in the literature of Darwin. "

Though Darwinian Germany is a prime example of this behavior, it is not the only one. Australia very much performed the same works. There is a book called "Aborigines in White Australia: A documentary history of the Attitudes Affecting Official Policy and the Australian Aborigine 1697-1973," which provides excerpts and quotations from governmental literature, news articles, interviews, and various pieces of Australian history. In addition, we have the writings of Joanna Cruickshank, the Australian historian.

For the cause of brevity, I will skip complex quotations in regards to Australia but leave the readers with this summary: Australian natives were shot like wild animals, their corpses were confiscated and, after preservation procedures, placed in museums to serve as evolutionary paraphernalia; the aboriginals were seen to be "living missing links." Their ancestors' graves were dug up, just like what the Herero suffered. Their goods were seized, and also their children.

Thus, Joanna Cruickshank the Australian historian acknowledges the relationship of the atrocities in Australia to the presence of Darwinism, writing:

"Supporters of Darwin have understandably often been reluctant to acknowledge how closely entangled Darwinism and Social Darwinism were, preferring to distance Darwin from his theory's evil twin. Yet those who debated the theory of evolution in the late nineteenth century were keenly aware of this connection... Nowhere was this more obvious than in Australia." 21

Surely, this also was a major contributor to the vilest forms of racism in the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

Why has the role that the literature of Charles Darwin played for the formation of systemic societal racism been so under taught? It is an impossibility those occupying positions of authority in the public school systems have never heard of these reports. Why do they intentionally neglect to include this crucial component in the curriculum?

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